Case Management Specialist's Continuum of Care as you "HELP US HELP"


501(C) 3 NON-Profit

​Veterans Lodging, Inc.


Phone 502-744-9788.


Veterans Lodging,Inc. and its affiliate are seeking business "persons to ask customers at their cash registers  Would you donate the change rounded up to the nearest dollar for (either Volunteer Firefighters or impoverished VETS,their families or Widows? Our charity allows 10% for your business for expenses. Please contact us to "HELP US HELP."


501 (C) 3 Charity

Contact Us RE: CAREERS

Please,business owner/manager

Phone us to begin asking "Would you donate the change rounded up to the next dollar for Vets or Volunteer Firefighters?"

Up to 10% is allowed to your biz for expense deduction from monies collected. Click to call and begin collecting now. 502.744.9788