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ATTENTION ALL POTENTIAL PERSONNEL...Your "home office expense" is limited to $350.00 monthly for space plus costs of electricity, cable/internet, Your office supplies, postage ,business meals, mileage @ 56 cents per on business mile along with health and dental are all reimbursable up to your allowable percentage of the revenues you generate for this cause.

Contributions Coordinator And Regional Manager Salaried Positions open NATIONALLY!   

Start Today and earn a living wage with benefits after your 90 day probationary employment period. Ask others to work under you building your income as you expand your territory at will. Find businesses taking in change (primarily restaurants) and ask them to help Homeless, disabled families, and widows along with assistance for Volunteer Firefighters by the customers being asked to "ROUND UP" the change to HELP VETERANS, their families, widows and assist financially Volunteer Firefighters as well!

Contributions Coordinator& Regional Director positions available Nationally by Veterans Lodging, Inc. 501 (C) 3 Corporation, START TODAY! "HELP US HELP" .